We know finding the right size while shopping online is hard. For starters, there’s no fitting rooms and no helpful Millers team member to grab you another size if one doesn’t quite fit right.

So, that’s why we created this page. Consider this size guide your helpful Millers team member, offering tips on how to find the most comfortable and fashionable fit.



The easiest way to figure out your Millers size is to measure yourself and compare those measurements to our size chart.

• Use a flexible measuring tape (like one used for sewing, if possible)

• Measure yourself over underwear, not bulky items

• Stand tall, but don’t adopt an uncomfortable posture or hold your middle in unnaturally. This may skew the measurements and you may end up with the wrong size.

• Ensure the measuring tape sits flat against your body

• If you’re in between sizes, always go for the size up

• Ask a friend to help if you’re having trouble




Place the tape measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust, making sure it sits flat and comfortably all the way around.  


Stand with your feet together and flat on the floor. Place the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips.  

Highest neck point (HNP)

This measurement is relevant to the length of tops, jackets and dresses. Take your measurement from where the garment would sit on the highest point of your shoulder, right by your neck, and going down vertically to where the bottom of the item (shirt, jacket, dress, etc) would end.  


Measure around your natural waistline remembering not to pull too tight. Your natural waistline sits above your belly button and near the bottom of your rib cage.  

Outer leg length

Place the tape measure at the high hip bone on your leg measure along your outer to the floor. To get the best measurement possible, have a friend help out on this one.